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Core Values

Temple Shir Tikvah (Song of Hope) Core Values: A Living Document 

(Last updated July 2018) 

Temple Shir Tikvah: 

Provides a Safe, Welcoming, Inclusive and Caring, Reform Jewish Community

  • All our members, Jewish and not, are equal parts of our community 

  • A desire to live within a Jewish community comes in many forms and we strive to meet that diversity 

  • We value creative and personalized ways of making life cycle events meaningful 

  • We encourage active participation in all aspects of our community 

Fosters Spiritual Growth 

  • Music is an essential vehicle for our spiritual engagement and growth 

  • Our relationships with God, prayer, liberal Jewish tradition, spirituality and Israel come in many shapes - there is no single “right way” 

Encourages Education for All Ages 

  • We provide all children with tools for creating an authentic and joyful Jewish life 

  • We provide a varied and robust program of learning opportunities for all ages 

  • We acknowledge that we all learn differently, both from experts and from each other 

Promotes Tikkun Olam (making the world a better place) and Social Justice 

  • We create many varied opportunities to act with loving-kindness and to alleviate hardship both within our community and beyond 

  • We value our partnerships with many social justice organizations 

Nurtures and Supports Relationships 

  • We develop meaningful relationships by telling our stories and listening to each other 

  • We form connections through our social and spiritual engagements that often develop into lifelong friendships and group affinities 

  • Our life cycle events are one of the many ways we help each other through joyful and difficult times 

Wed, April 21 2021 9 Iyar 5781