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Madrichim Program

Madrichim Program

 Teens serving as "Madrichim" support student learning in the classroom, thus gaining confidence and experience that can aid them in their own development.  By using teens in the classroom, the school staff is able to provide education and care for all kinds of learners.  Madrichim gain a basic understanding of Jewish perspectives on education, different learning styles and needs, while learning strategies they can apply directly to their work in the classroom.

All madrichim must volunteer for the first year.  In the second year they are eligible to be paid, if other criteria are met.  Madrichim are generally considered “madrichim in training” for 8th and 9th grade, “madrichim” in 10th and 11th grade and “student teachers” as 12th graders (and in some special cases 11th graders).  Student teachers are asked to help with training sessions and mentor newer madrichim. 

First-time applicants (new to the madrichim program) must submit their application by June 1st for the next school year.  Current madrichim must notify the Director of Education in writing of their intent to continue by this date.  Every year the school hires between 10-12 madrichim to work every Sunday for minimum wage and between 4-6 madrichim to work monthly on EJL Sundays.  In addition, we may have space for madrichim to work leading games, arts and crafts or drama if teens have these specific skills.  We also accept new madrichim to work for community service hours.

Before the school year begins, each madrichim should speak with their teacher about their extracurricular activities and hobbies to determine if any artistic, musical, theatrical or athletic talents can be put to use in the classroom. In addition, each aide speaks with their teacher to determine what tasks they will regularly be responsible for each class session (e.g., collecting tzedakah, taking attendance) and which tasks are as needed (e.g., leading small groups, one-on-one work, etc).

For an application, please click here.

Madrichim Job Description

 Madrich and Madricha (Madrichim is the plural) may be asked to do some or all of these tasks by their classroom teacher, depending on the needs of the classroom setting. Madrichim should be ready and able to do all of these items or to ask for support if a task is unclear. Teachers appreciate a willing attitude to take the initiative to help out!

Remember: The word Madrich/a means “guide”. Madrichim are guides and role models for our young students so active involvement and participation in all activities sends the message that what students are learning and doing in religious school is important.

Madrichim in training (open to 8th and 9th grade)

All aides are expected to volunteer for at least one year as Madrichim-in-Training (MIT).  During this time volunteers will receive training in a number of areas.  Upon recommendation of teacher(s), MITs may progress to the level of Madrichim the next year.

Madrichim (open to 10th grade and above)

After volunteering for at least one year, and upon teacher(s) and Education Director recommendations, an MIT can graduate to the position of Madrichim. Madrichim are paid minimum wage for their time.  Madrichim continue to receive training throughout the year.

Student teacher (open to 12th graders)

After serving as a Madrichim for at least two years, and upon teacher(s) recommendation, Madrichim may advance to the level of student teacher in their final year or two.  They help with training new Madrichim in addition to their classroom responsibilities.

Hebrew Tutor

Students may be asked to work as a one-on-one or small group Hebrew tutor.  Hebrew proficiency is required.

EJL Madrichim

The EJL Madrichim work from 9:00 am to 12:00pm on EJL Sundays (one Sunday a month), helping the teachers with set up and clean up.  EJL Madrichim are paid for three hours.

Grades 1-3 Madrichim

Aides who would prefer working with younger children should request this option.  Students in grades 2-3 will be learning letters, vowels and simple works so some Hebrew knowledge is necessary.

Grades 4-6 Madrichim

Students working in grades 4-6 must have Hebrew proficiency and enjoy working with older children.

Special Skills Madrichim

Madrichim may be hired for special skills such as recess/games, art, drama or reading/writing.

Duties of Aides in the Classroom

  • Classroom set up and clean-up
  • Distributing books and materials
  • Preparing materials for upcoming activities
  • Checking student work
  • Setting up and clearing away snacks
  • Assisting with Interactive responsibilities
  • Greeting students as they enter the class
  • Helping students with projects
  • Assisting students with class work
  • Leading small-group activities
  • Assisting with transitions between activities
  • Reading stories to the class
  • Planning and teaching mini-lessons with the teacher
  • Helping students who need extra help
  • Mentoring students who have difficulty focusing during class
  • Assisting with Creative responsibilities:
    • Helping with bulletin boards
    • Making samples of upcoming art projects
    • Leading class skits
    • Writing a newsletter article for parents
    • Actively participating in musical activities

General Requirements

  • Cell phones are turned off and put away during class time except when taking notes or preparing a weekly update using one's phone. 
  • There are five mandatory training sessions, one of which is 1 ½ hours outside class time (check the temple calendar) and the other four sessions take place during class time.
  • Aides must let their teacher and the Director of Education know if they need to be absent from school. It is asked that Madrichim who commit to this program attend at least 80% of Sunday classes. 
  • Madrichim should feel free to ask questions and keep open lines of communication with their collaborating teacher and the Director of Administration. And let them know immediately if any problems arise!
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