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Bar/Bat Mitzvah

The journey to the day is as important as the day itself.

At Shir Tikvah, becoming a b'nei (bar/bat/b) mitzvah is a process that involves the whole family. We know that this rite of passage can transform the lives of students as they learn and interpret their Torah portions, practice the songs and prayers, and prepare for the service itself. It's a year of growth—spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually for everybody—culminating in a memorable and most happy celebration. 

If you'd like to discuss what the b'nei mitzvah process can mean for you and your child, please get in touch with Beth Levin, our cantor. Families of b'nei mitzvah students can use these resources to accompany them on their learning journey.

B'nei Mitzvah Resources

  • B'nei Mitzvah Handbook -  Everything you need and want to know about preparing your child and family for their bar or bat mitvah, including the complete fee schedule.  Read the B'nei Mitzvah Handbook. (updated January 2024)

  • Event Planning Handbook - Read the Event Planning Handbook for planning your child's party. (updated January 2024)

  • Shabbat Service Audio Tutorial (aka Mitzvah Makers Tutorial) - Listen or download the Tutorial to practice and learn the prayers and songs used at Shir Tikvah.

  • Tikkun Olam Fund Acknowledgement Card: Let someone know that you've donated in their honor with this template.

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