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Each Saturday morning, our lay-led group discusses a portion of the Hebrew Bible

Together, we've been reading through the 24 books of the Hebrew Bible for over 5 years now. We take turns reading from several translations and discuss what we've read on several levels. We discuss how and why our Bible was written. We consider what it might have meant to previous generations and what meaning we can take from it today. A feeling of connection with our ancestors and an appreciation of the texts we call sacred is a major goal of this actively engaged approach.

We have no official leader and all opinions are treated respectfully. Some of us have quite extensive Jewish educations and some don't. Occasionally we wander down tangents and while some become dead ends, others lead to surprising and profound insights. We laugh often and enjoy each others' company.

You can join our group in-person any Saturday morning in the Temple library or on Zoom at 10:30am. New people bring new insights. 

The Zoom link can be found in the directory sent to Temple members and friends; or contact Aaron Boxer for the link (


SUGGESTION: Attend on Zoom first and we can add you to the weekly Torah Study email group. Then you will know what chapter we will be reading next and the rare occasions when we are only on Zoom.

Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784